Our Team

Joshua Mobley

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Joshua is focused on helping companies around the world as they look to connect everything and everyone. He does this by creating intelligent applications for an amazing user experience. He inspires and empowers you by creating applications that your customers would love, igniting real results for your business.

Ashley B. Dale

Chief Marketing Officer

Ashley is a native of North Carolina. She harneesses internal support, generating market insight, using customer-focused metrics, living the brand internally and building marketing talent.

Corey Stein

Full Stack Developer

Corey is an alumni of Duke University. His path to software development began in the fields of computational physics and systems engineering. He has been a mobile software developer on iOS since 2009.

Francis Richardson

Full Stack Developer

Fascinated by technology consistently making learning easier, Francis enjoys exploring new techniques involving creative software and hardware combinations, and imparting the experience to others. Along with his wife Catie, you'll find him doing so around here in the form of video tutorials.

Max Freeman

iOS Engineer

I'm an iOS Developer, lover of technology, challenges, and science. When I am not having quality time with family and friends. I am having fun coding, attending conferences, contributing to open source projects, learning new stuff and sharing what I have learned.

Felicity Nguyen

iOS Engineer

Felicity is an iOS developer. After graduating from Villanova University, Felicity worked in finance and started learning Swift as a hobby. She quickly realized that coding was her passion and attended an iOS immersive program. Felicity is thrilled to be doing something she loves every day.

Andrew White

iOS Engineer

Tim has been failing to tear himself away from computers for over a dozen years, including tours in e-commerce firms in New York, in scientific research in Oxford, in front-office trading systems in London, and now via iOS in a pocket near you.